Sunday, December 21, 2008


Since we'll be in Michigan for Christmas we decided to open our presents a little early. I'm blogging about my gifts. I got a couple books from my wishlist; and some new undershirts and undies (I needed them and don't like to buy them for myself). I also got some iTunes cash and shaving supplies and some snazzy new socks. But the coolest gift I got and the one Jenee told me I'd never quess was this:

Jenee adopted a BEAVER for me!!!

I named him Timber. And he came with a stuffed beaver for our home and a little reading material about beavers. It's so great, it helps the Lincoln Park Zoo and we get a little plush guy. It's Win/Win!

We're going to have to visit the real one soon, when it's not -30 wind chill. Oy, that's cold!

Plush Timber and Me:


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