Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Family Time

We had our last Christmas party today.  My dad's family came over to celebrate.  We didn't get a group photo, but I did take some pictures.  It was really nice to see everyone!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Time and Fun in Frankenmuth

Every Christmas we spend the day with my mom's family in Bay City. This year we set the camera timer and got a great picture to remember the celebration.   

We also saw my cousin, Lisa, and her baby, Elizabeth.  Here is Elizabeth and her great-grandmother, Elizabeth.  

While we were at my Grandma's house, I wandered into her bedroom and found this beauty. Isn't it something?  She loves it!  She told me that she bought it 20 years ago for $5.  And she says that it works so much better than the new plastic ones!  She even pulled out some scrap fabric and showed me how it works.

We spent today in Frankenmuth and had lunch with Katie and Rob.  We started this tradition a few years ago and we really enjoy seeing them.  We have a routine...we meet at Zehnders for lunch and then we go to a few of the little shops.  Last year we discovered a shop that had 40% off the entire store!  And they have fabric!  Katie and I love it.  This year we went back and we were so lucky again.  We both got some great new fabric to add to our stash.  Happy sewing Katie!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Since we'll be in Michigan for Christmas we decided to open our presents a little early. I'm blogging about my gifts. I got a couple books from my wishlist; and some new undershirts and undies (I needed them and don't like to buy them for myself). I also got some iTunes cash and shaving supplies and some snazzy new socks. But the coolest gift I got and the one Jenee told me I'd never quess was this:

Jenee adopted a BEAVER for me!!!

I named him Timber. And he came with a stuffed beaver for our home and a little reading material about beavers. It's so great, it helps the Lincoln Park Zoo and we get a little plush guy. It's Win/Win!

We're going to have to visit the real one soon, when it's not -30 wind chill. Oy, that's cold!

Plush Timber and Me:


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Jason and I have been cleaning up my old laptop and we found some pictures. I thought this one was appropriate to post...since it was taken at Christmas six years ago. Looking forward to seeing everyone in MI soon!

Finally Done

The gloves are done! I am so glad (and Jason will be too). I have been working on them - on and off - for a few months.

Had to take a few breaks to work on some other projects (shown below) and a few more that I can show after Christmas.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Love Renegade

We went to the Renegade Holiday Sale today. Renegade is my favorite. There were over 150 vendors and I just love to see their handmade items. It gives me such inspiration. Here are my goodies from today.

There is also a Renegade Craft Fair each fall. This year, Katie and Rob were in town and joined us. It was so much fun...even though it rained the whole day. Here are my goodies from the Renegade Craft Fair.

Jason and Rob waited so patiently while Katie and I ran from booth to booth in the rain. Such great memories!

Can't wait to go next year!!