Monday, March 29, 2010

Doily Earrings

The pattern for these earrings if from a past issue of Crochet Today (

I'm sending the red pair to Jenny, along with a crocheted necklace, to help her raise money at an event for her Climb Against the Odds ( to support the Breast Cancer Fund.

Two More Quilt Squares

I received two more quilt squares in the mail. This one is from the Bird Family. It's a bird house!

And, this one is from Kellyn and Jason.

Both turned out great! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest soon!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Krista's Quilt Square

Krista drew this very cool family tree for Grandma's quilt. She is adding finishing touches with embroidery and it will be done. Our goal is to have the quilt squares finished by the end of March so I should be receiving more quilt squares to post soon. I am looking forward to seeing them all! And then the next step is to put it all together for the top of the quilt.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Crocheted Necklace

I made this crocheted necklace for my mom for her birthday. Since we were visiting, I decided to give it to her a little early.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Florida Flea Market Finds

We spent one day of our trip at the Webster Flea Market. It was definitely in the back roads of Florida. I know that because the Garmin had us go down a dirt road on the way home. It was huge (one of the largest in the nation) and I don't think we saw it all. We set out to find the antiques and had some great success. We got these Pyrex and Fire King dishes. I bought some past issues of craft magazines. And, the highlight of my day was this beautiful handmade crocheted dress. The woman who was selling them was so nice. I told her I would love to make one and she tried to remember the pattern for me. She wrote down some of it, and said she would email me with the rest. I am looking forward to hearing from her. She said it is an old pattern and she makes them from memory now.

The Real Florida

Last weekend we visited my parents in Florida. According to my mom, we visited the real Florida. We didn't go to Disney World or spend days on the beach. We traveled the back roads and played bingo at the retirement clubhouse.

One day we took a day trip to Blue Spring State Park. Manatees come into the river there because it is warmer for them. We were lucky enough to see a manatee and a gator and some turtles.

My dad is a big fan of manatees.
That same day, we also traveled to St Augustine. It is a historic town on the east coast of Florida. We walked the streets and visited shops.
We spent one night at the clubhouse and played bingo with all of the retirees. We had a lot of fun - especially Jason and my dad - since they won.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Roosa Family Squares

Today I received pictures of the squares that Aunt Shelly has been working on. She said she is still working on the one of the boys and Kellyn is working on hers too so there will be one more from their family. I like how she used pictures and other embellishments to show people's personal interests. These are great!

Jenny and Josh's Quilt Square - Plan B

Jenny and Josh ended up sending me two photos. This one turned out the best, but had an error at the bottom of the photo near our feet. So, I trimmed it and added a border.