Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Details

After months of looking forward to our wedding and honeymoon, it all went by so fast.  We've been back home for almost two weeks now and I looked back at some of our pictures.  I thought I would share some of the things that made our wedding special to us.  

We decided to have a small wedding so we chose the Honeybee Inn in Horicon, WI.  We had a wonderful time there.  The home and the rooms are beautiful and we enjoyed a delicious three course breakfast every day.  Barb, the innkeeper, also planned the details for our wedding which we were very happy with. 

This is my bouquet.  I got the idea from looking at bridal magazines and websites.  It is very special to me because our families helped make the flowers.  You'll also notice that we found two antique honeybee pins that were included.  

Jason and I enjoy looking at antique stores and finding treasures.  After we were engaged, we started looking for a bride and groom cake topper and found these.  They are actually salt and pepper shakers, but we really liked them and they worked well as our cake topper.  Our cake was made by Barb at the Honeybee Inn and it was layers of chocolate and white cake with butter cream frosting.  The tablecloth is also an antique store treasure.

We asked my parents to use this piece of wood to make a sign for our wedding.  Krista helped and they surprised us with this honeybee themed sign that turned out so great. 

This quilt was a gift from my parents, made by my mom.  It is so beautiful and it has a honeybee theme as well.  There is honeybee fabric and words to a song are embroidered in it.  The first line is "If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee".  It's from the song "All I Want Is You" from the movie Juno.

We had a Polaroid guestbook and we had fun taking everyone's pictures to include.  Jason's mom found this honeybee frame so we included a past picture of us by the guestbook.

These honeybee cookies were made by my mom and she also got us this honeybee serving tray.  The cookies were so cute and so delicious!

I made fabric bunting for decorations at the Honeybee Inn.

We couldn't resist these honeybee and bug chocolates we found.

Jason and I made a few chalkboard signs for decorations. 

We enjoyed some of our favorite drinks (Izze and Sprecher Rootbeer - made in WI).

Our families surprised us and sang to us!  The song was "Anyone Else But You", also from the movie Juno.

I wore a headpiece that I made, with my mom's help.  It was made of crocheted flowers. 

My earrings were made of pearls and crystals from Jenny's bridal veil and my necklace was remade from a vintage necklace we purchased at a flea market. 

My bracelet was also made from pearls and crystals from Jenny's veil.  Our rings were handmade by a jeweler in San Diego, Alexandra Hart.  Jason worked with her to design them based on a ring of hers that we saw at a shop in Milwaukee. 

Our favors were sugars and spices from The Spice House, outside of Milwaukee.  We like to shop there and we always find something fun to try.  We also added some recipes and heart shaped measuring spoons.   

Our welcome bags included honeybee and Wisconsin themed goodies.

We have so many wonderful memories!

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jenny said...

Love the blog - was fun to see all the special details in one place! I'm there for a vow renewal at the honeybee in 10 years! :)