Friday, January 2, 2009

Handmade Holiday

Each year, my mom and I make handmade gifts for Christmas. This year even more people had the handmade holiday spirit. Here are some of our handmade gifts:

Earrings and pendants made by my dad. Made out of beach glass collected in Hawaii.

Key chains made by Jason.

Wedding scrapbook made by my mom.

Table runner made by me, with fabric from my dad's cousin in Hawaii.

Table runner made by me.

Table runner made by my mom with a pattern from Hawaii. Yes, it was a table runner and Hawaii themed handmade holiday year.

Quilt made by my mom, with my dad's help.

Neck warmers made by Lori.

Paintings by Aunt Susan.

Shawl by my mom.

Jewelry by me.


Jason said...

I have a quilt!

Krista said...

AWESOME jewelry by you! I wear a different set almost every day! ;D