Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day + Parade = Thanksgiving Day Parade!

We are thankful for all our family, our friends, our health and all the opportunities we have that so many others don't. Like the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Yesterday Mom, Jenee, and I went to the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was busy and people were pushy. I have a feeling Jenee and I were the only locals in the 400,000-ish people there. Seriously. Lots of people threatening to take their kids back to the hotel. Which... doesn't seem like such a bad way to watch the parade, if only because it is less cramped. But it was a pretty good time, not too cold. Here are a couple of pictures of things we saw from our corner by the VIP area... and the little gas-powered generator that left us feeling a little queasy. Again, it was a good time... we'll just plan a little differently if we go again.

Mom and Me

Jenee and Me

Three story tall turkey

Elmo with Dorothy (that's the fish)

Budweiser Horsies

Cookie Monster acting like he doesn't still owe me money. Addict...

CM PUNK. Grand Marshal. Wrestler Extraordinaire.

And finally Animal!

Good stuff. Everyone should come for next year's parade.

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