Saturday, September 27, 2008

Test Blog

What's up inter-webs? I'm testing this to see how my posts will look. Did you see the gloves? Friggin' sweet! Did you know you can't spell gloves without love? Yep, the more you know...

And now for a picture:

When my sweetie wants a punkin, I don't care if it is a half mile walk with a huge unwieldy gourd-thing. My punkin gets a punkin if she wants one. I just hate to watch her try to cut it open. I worry for her fingers. This was last year and she loves her some seeds.

That is all. Auf Wiedersehen.


Krista said...

JENEE! Did you *actually* TOUCH the pumpking guts? Un-believable. LOL

Jenee said...

Yes. The pumpkin seeds are worth it!